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Is this the Eclipse Plugin that allows me to run maven commands from within Eclipse IDE?

No. This is a maven plugin to generate Eclipse files for a maven project. This is not an Eclipse Plugin for Maven.


I already did mvn eclipse:eclipse but when I open Eclipse, my project is not there. Where is it?

You may also need to import the project created by Maven Eclipse Plugin. More information can be found here.


Eclipse is not using the correct project name and is using the directory name instead

See the Eclipse bug 225754.

Essentially if the folder:

  • is directly below the default workspace then it IGNORES the .project/name element on the import and uses the directory name instead
  • is NOT directly below the default workspace then it correctly uses .project/name

This may be why the current Eclipse recommendation is to create a workspace that has NO projects kept underneath it, which will mean correctly named projects.


After running mvn eclipse:eclipse, the generated dependencies are pointing to a non-existing file. What needs to be done?

Before you can setup any maven project to your Eclipse IDE, you need to define first the location of your local repository to Eclipse. This is done by using: eclipse:add-maven-repo


Can I make the Eclipse plugin download and attach javadocs to my libraries?

As of version 2.4, there is a new flag, downloadJavadocs that behaves exactly like downloadSources except for javadocs. See more information here: Attach Library Sources.