Apache Maven Plugins Parent POM

This POM is the common parent of all of the Maven plugins in the Apache Maven project.

The run-its Profile

This POM provides run-its profile for running Integration Tests to check real plugin execution. A default configuration for maven-invoker-plugin is defined, that every plugin needs to enhance to match its prerequisite. Then ITs are launched in every plugin with following command:

mvn -Prun-its verify

Site Publication

Since Maven plugins are always mono-module builds, this parent POM has configured maven-scm-publish-plugin mono module optimization to ease site build & deployment in only one integrated and simplified command:

mvn -Preporting site-deploy


As of version 38, this POM sets the Java source and target versions to 1.8. Thus, as any plugin (or other component) moved to version 38+ of this POM, it moves to requiring Java 1.8 (was Java 1.5 since version 21, Java 1.6 since version 27, and Java 1.7 since version 34).