Apache Maven Reporting Implementation

Abstract classes to manage report generation, which can be run both:

The two APIs implementations are provided by AbstractMavenReport, that delegates to extender's <<<executeReport( Locale ) reporting method implementation.


A full working sample is included in maven-reporting-impl ITs, which are part of the component source tree: see src/it/setup-reporting-plugin.


Doxia runtime

When used as a direct standalone goal invocation, Doxia implementation used is the version used during plugin compilation.

When used as report during site generation, maven-site-plugin provides Doxia API implementation to the plugin, overriding normal plugin dependency: see DefaultMavenReportExecutor in maven-reporting-exec.

Doxia dependency

From maven-reporting-impl 2.1 to maven-reporting-impl 2.3, Doxia version used ranges from 1.1 to 1.4. When creating a reporting plugin using one of these maven-reporting-impl versions, take care to use corresponding doxia-sink-api:

  • avoid doxia-sink-api version 1.0 that can be imported by maven-reporting-api 3.0: this would lead to "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.maven.doxia.sink.SinkEventAttributes" when used as direct standalone goal.
  • avoid doxia-sink-api after 1.4 since RenderingContext was moved in Doxia 1.5 from core to Site Renderer (see DOXIA-499).

maven-reporting-impl 2.4.x use Doxia 1.6.

Upgrading to maven-reporting-impl 2.3+

When upgrading a reporting plugin from an old version of maven-reporting-impl to version 2.3 or more, a lot of copy/pasted code can be removed by upgrading the plugin to plugin-tools with Java 5 annotations: see MSHARED-347 for more details.