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JIRA Report

Type Priority Key Summary Resolution
Wish Major SUREFIRE-1436 Increase usability in quiet mode Fixed
Test Major SUREFIRE-1437 Improve unit tests. Call PID parser on all platforms in SystemUtilsTest. Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1455 JaCoCo on integration tests Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1463 integration tests should run on the top of JDK 9 Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1471 Too long Windows path cause CI issues. Renamed surefire-intergation-tests to surefire-its. Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1472 Multibranch Pipeline supports JDK 7-10 Maven 3.2-3.5 Linux Windows Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1481 Surefire1295AttributeJvmCrashesToTestsIT should be Parameterized test instead of using Theories runner Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1482 Obsolete workaround with commons-lang3 in project unit tests Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1484 maven-clean-plugin should be used in integration test resource junit-pathWithUmlaut Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1485 surefire-shadefire project should not be deployed in Maven Central Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1486 maven-failsafe-plugin does not use JUnit adapter for JUnit4 annotations and TestNG providers do not have maven-surefire-plugin config in POM Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1488 Native library in Surefire1295AttributeJvmCrashesToTestsIT caused unstable test Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1489 Implement different HTTP ports in ITs and zip() in jenkinsfile Fixed
Task Minor SUREFIRE-1461 UnicodeTestNamesIT should be able to run multiple times Fixed
Improvement Critical SUREFIRE-1453 Allow to specify non existant classes as "groups" Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1262 Add modulepath support Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1454 Speedup Standard Output if Tests Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1491 LocationManager injected in MOJO unables plugin to run in JDK 1.6 Fixed
Improvement Minor SUREFIRE-1183 Custom Test Report Titles and Descriptions Fixed
Improvement Minor SUREFIRE-1416 maven-surefire-parser: add new method isError in ReportTestCase Fixed
Improvement Minor SUREFIRE-1435 Improve Thread Dump. Use prefix "surefire-forkedjvm" in daemon Threads in forked JVM Fixed
Improvement Trivial SUREFIRE-1448 Clarified specifying multiple categories for JUnit Fixed
Dependency upgrade Major SUREFIRE-1434 Upgrade PowerMock@Java9 to Version 2.0.0-beta.5 Fixed
Bug Blocker SUREFIRE-1445 Properties from configuration POM are not passed to Provider on JDK 9 Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1372 Rerunning failing tests fails in combination with Description#createSuiteDescription Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1422 Forking fails on Linux if /bin/ps isn't available Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1424 javax.transaction.TransactionManager not visible with Java9 Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1439 NullPointerException on JDK10 Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1452 Support filtering of tests from Base Class (TestNG) Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1475 assumes wmic is on the path Fixed
Bug Minor SUREFIRE-1443 surefire report: broken links with inner classes Fixed
Bug Minor SUREFIRE-1451 Surefire Booter compatibility with NetBSD ps(1) output Fixed