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JIRA Report

Type Priority Key Summary Resolution
Task Major SUREFIRE-1569 m-invoker-p:3.1.0 attempts to reolve maven-surefire-common:jar:2.22.1-SNAPSHOT from remote repo 'apache.snapshots' Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1578 Remove obsolete module surefire-setup-integration-tests Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1552 Nil element "failureMessage" in failsafe-summary.xml should have self closed tag Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1562 Support Java 11 Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1565 Surefire should support parameterized reportsDirectory Fixed
Improvement Minor SUREFIRE-1555 Elapsed time in XML Report should satisfy pattern in XSD. Fixed
Improvement Trivial SUREFIRE-1554 Fix old test resources TEST-*.xml in favor of continuing with SUREFIRE-1550 Fixed
Dependency upgrade Minor SUREFIRE-1540 Upgrade maven-plugins parent to version 32 Fixed
Dependency upgrade Minor SUREFIRE-1571 Upgrade maven-plugins parent to version 33 Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1559 XML Report elements rerunError, rerunFailure, flakyFailure, flakyError should contain element stackTrace and should not be simpleContent. Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1561 Logs in Parallel Tests are mixed up when forkMode=never or forkCount=0 Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1564 Can't override platform version through project/plugin dependencies Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1579 Forks mixed up characters in standard output Fixed
Bug Minor SUREFIRE-1532 MIME type for javascript is now officially application/javascript Fixed
Bug Minor SUREFIRE-1535 Surefire unable to run testng suites in parallel Fixed
Bug Minor SUREFIRE-1538 Git considers PNG files as changed although there is no change Fixed
Bug Minor SUREFIRE-1550 The surefire XSD published on maven site lacks of some rerun element Fixed