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JIRA Report

Type Priority Key Summary Resolution
Task Major SUREFIRE-1487 ParallelComputerBuilderTest fails on overloaded system because internal delay are shorter than blocking time of JVM Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1504 switch from Git-WIP to Gitbox Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1510 Jenkins CI fails due to performance of Windows break concurrency of forked JVMs Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1518 Upgrade version of plexus-java to 0.9.8 Fixed
New Feature Major SUREFIRE-1330 JUnit 5 surefire-provider code donation Fixed
New Feature Major SUREFIRE-1495 Encoding of TXT report file should be configured by ${project.reporting.outputEncoding} and MOJO parameter encoding Fixed
Improvement Minor SUREFIRE-1490 Change header of the Failsafe Report Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1383 dependenciesToScan Does Not Leverage Classpath Elements Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1479 SurefireBooterForkException: The forked VM terminated without properly saying goodbye since 2.20.1 Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1498 Surefire prints own logs "Couldn't load group class" to native stream. Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1503 Forked JVM immediately crashed on Unix/Linux due to new shutdown mechanism does not turn to the old shutdown mechanism Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1506 Sporadic NullPointerException in ConsoleOutputFileReporter#close() Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1512 ProcessInfo for Windows is prone to timezone offset changes Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1522 IndexOutOfBoundsException for System.out.write Fixed
Bug Minor SUREFIRE-1515 Standard output write fails for empty array Fixed