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JIRA Report

Type Priority Key Summary Resolution
Task Major SUREFIRE-1366 mvn javadoc:javadoc fails on Javadoc syntax with JDK 1.8 Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1375 Fixing build on Windows cmd.exe Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1380 AbstractCommandStream should flush data if another Thread marks the stream closed, empty shared buffer. Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1381 Refactoring in AbstractCommandStream and MasterProcessCommand Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1363 Java 1.6 features @Override and Charset Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1409 Parallel runner should not drop away runners that have zero children. Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1410 Add FAQ and improve Warning message when native stream in forked JVM is corrupted Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1411 Improve calls String.length == 0 to Java 1.6 call String.isEmpty Fixed
Improvement Minor SUREFIRE-1361 Buffering in StatelessXmlReporter Fixed
Improvement Minor SUREFIRE-1362 Buffering in ConsoleOutputFileReporter Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1264 Some tests can be lost when running in parallel with parameterized tests Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1265 reuseForks=false fails on jdk-9-ea builds Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1302 Surefire does not wait long enough for the forked VM and assumes it to be dead Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1364 Report XML should contain system properties of forked JVM Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1367 System Output and Error should be reported in parallel JUnit tests if Assumption fails. Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1376 "The forked VM terminated without properly saying goodbye" when running Surefire in a very deep project structure on Windows Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1382 OutOfMemoryError occurs when JUnit 5 test fails Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1396 Provider class path is incorrect for custom provider in Failsafe Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1400 Windows surefire boot directory should appear in system default temporary-directory Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1403 [Jigsaw] [Java 9] add "--add-modules" to forked CLI argument Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1404 Package of ServiceLoader was changed in version 2.20 and documentation uses package providerapi Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1412 Findbugs plugin fails - Update maven-parent to Version 30 and downgrade maven-site-plugin Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1413 Javadoc - unknown TAG @noinspection Fixed
Bug Trivial SUREFIRE-1391 System Property variables processed twice in calculation of effective properties Fixed