All Classes and Interfaces

Support class to implement org.apache.maven.archetype.source.ArchetypeDataSource interface.
An abstract Grouping implementation.
An abstract base class for IndexCreator implementations.
An abstract helper class for implementing ArtifactInfoFilter that actually aggregates multiple filters into one.
Pageable search request.
Base set of functionality for the TreeNode that all implementations will need.
This is a aggregated artifact info filter that performs AND operation (all filter has to accept the artifact info, if one rejects, results is reject).
Enumeration provides values indicating artifact availability
An artifact context used to provide information about artifact during scanning.
A producer that creates ArtifactContext from POM and from other available files.
A listener notified upon artifact discovery.
ArtifactInfo holds the values known about an repository artifact.
ArtifactInfoFilter is used to filter out components before they are handed over to searcher (and well before paging is implemented).
An object that holds grouped sets of ArtifactInfo in case of grouped search.
ArtifactInfoPostprocessor is used to postprocess the ArtifactInfo, after it passed filtering and paging but before it is handed over to client performing search.
Pulling out ArtifactInfo, clearing up.
Artifact locator.
A utility component that resolves POM packaging to artifact extension.
A listener notified during repository scan process to track progress, collect results, etc.
A default implementation of the ArtifactContextProducer.
A very simple artifact packaging mapper, that has everything for quick-start wired in this class.
A default Indexer implementation.
A default IndexerEngine implementation.
The default IndexingContext implementation.
A default IndexPacker implementation.
A default index updater implementation
Filesystem-based ResourceFetcher implementation
Default implementation of IteratorResultSet.
Use Indexer instead.
A default QueryCreator constructs Lucene query for provided query text.
A default repository scanner for Maven 2 repository.
A default scanning listener
A default search engine implementation
The simplest treenode, that does not adds any "decoration" to the nodes.
A default implementation of TreeNodeFactory, that is fairly simple to extend.
A util class to calculate various digests on Strings.
Thrown when a user tries to create a NexusInder IndexingContext over and existing Lucene index, and there is a mismatch.
A flat search request.
A flat search response.
FSDirectoryFactory allows host application choose specific FSDirectory implementation used during index update.
A GroupId : ArtifactId grouping implementation.
An immutable value class representing unique artifact coordinates.
Enumeration representing Maven artifact hash types
Enumeration representing Maven artifact signature types
An interface to calculate Gav based on provided artifact path and to calculate an artifact path from provided Gav.
A GroupId : ArtifactId : Version grouping implementation.
An artifact locator used to locate repository "elements" relative to some file with given Gav.
A GroupId grouping implementation.
A grouped search request.
A grouped search response.
A grouping criteria for grouped searches.
An index creator is responsible for storing and reading data to and from Lucene index.
An index data reader used to parse transfer index format.
An index data read result holder
Visitor of indexed Lucene documents.
An index data writer used to write transfer index format.
Indexer component.
An indexer engine used to index, update and remote artifacts to the indexing context.
Holds basic information about Indexer field, how it is stored.
An indexing context is representing artifact repository for indexing and searching.
An index packer used to create transfer index format that can be used by the IndexUpdater.
An index packing request.
Index format enumeration.
Component rendering a "tree" based on index data.
An index updater provides functionality to update index for remote repositories using transfer format produced by the IndexPacker.
Request to update indexes.
Ability to spread index updates to (possible) plugin receivers.
IteratorResultSet, that returns the result hit's in "iterator-like fashion", instead lifting all the hits into memory (and bashing IO and RAM consumption).
A Search Request that will perform the new "iterator-like" type of search.
A Search Response for the "iterator-like" search request.
An index creator used to index Java class names from a Maven artifact (JAR, ZIP or WAR for now).
A JavaDoc locator to locate the JavaDoc bundle relative to POM.
A legacy document updater used to produce legacy Lucene index documents.
An artifact locator used to locate repository "elements" relative to some file.
This object represents acquired filesystem lock.
Filesystem locker.
Maven1 support to be dropped.
Maven1 support to be dropped.
Utility methods for basic "detection" of artifact kind in M2 repository.
An M2 GavCalculator.
Maven ontology.
A Maven Archetype index creator used to detect and correct the artifact packaging to "maven-archetype" if the inspected JAR is an Archetype.
A Maven Plugin index creator used to provide information about Maven Plugins.
An md5 locator to locate the md5 file relative to POM.
A merged indexing context that offers read only "view" on multiple other indexing contexts merged and presented as one.
A metadata locator to locate the Maven 2 artifact metadata relative to its POM.
A minimal index creator used to provide basic information about Maven artifact.
Ontology of Nexus.
A Nexus specific analyzer.
Use Indexer instead.
An extended Searcher, that holds reference to the IndexingContext that is a searcher for.
An extension of Lucene IndexWriter to allow to track if writer is closed
A Nexus specific Lucene Analyzer used to produce legacy index transfer format
OSGI ontology.
This indexCreator will index some OSGI metadatas.
A POM locator to locate POM artifact.
A component the creates Lucene Queries from "human written" queries, but also helps client applications to assemble proper queries for fields they want to search.
An interface defining resource downloading contract
A Repository : GroupId : ArtifactId : Version grouping implementation.
A Repository : GroupId grouping implementation.
An abstraction for scanning content of the artifact repositories
A scanning request provides various input parameters for repository scan
A scanning result holds result of repository scan
A search engine used to perform searches trough repository indexes.
SearchExpression is a wrapper interface for expressions representable as plain strings to be used within searches.
Designated search types that NexusIndexer supports.
SearchTyped is a interface that describes the wanted search type to be used.
A search typed implementation of string backed search expression.
An sha1 locator to locate the sha1 file relative to POM.
A signature locator to locate the signature file relative to POM.
SourcedSearchExpression is a search expression usually "sourced" or backed from some programmatic source (drop down with pre-filled values, values from previous searches, etc), and we already know it is complete, exact value that we want to search for.
A sources locator to locate the sources bundle relative to POM.
A simple "static" context member provider, when the members are known in advance.
A simple string based implementation of SearchExpression that is immutable.
A special reusable filter, that filters the result set to unique Repository-GroupId-ArtifactId combination, leaving out Version.
The deprecated NexusIndexer uses this exception.
UserInputSearchExpression is a search expression usually coming from user input (like some UI dialogue, UI element or CLI).
Utility methods for working with artifact version strings.