The Maven website is composed from:

  • a main content,
  • multiple components reference documentation, published for each component release.

And Doxia website has the same dual structure.

These contents are stored in svn, and svnpubsub/svnwcsub maintains a working copy on the webservers in /www/ (see svnwcsub configured in infra Puppet):

and the link between main content and components reference documentation (for example from /plugins/maven-xxx-plugin to internal /components/plugins/maven-xxx-plugin) is done with symbolic links. These links are configured in components.links files in content/resources/ and subdirectories, for example plugins/components.links.

How website publication works

Instructions on how to publish website content are split in separate documents:


As part of Privacy enhancements, the whole Maven site is moving to Apache's Analytics infrastructure: see Maven statistics.