Release Notes – Maven 3.6.2

The Apache Maven team would like to announce the release of Maven 3.6.2.

Maven 3.6.2 is available for download.

Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting, and documentation from a central place.

The core release is independent of plugin releases. Further releases of plugins will be made separately. See the PluginList for more information.

If you have any questions, please consult:

Reporters and Contributors of this release

We really value the contributions of these non committers, so this section is focused on those individuals. Descriptions of the issues fixed can be found at the end of these release notes.

Issue Reporters of this release: Benoit GUERIN, Christian Schulte, Elliotte Rusty Harold, Falko Modler, Francesco Chicchiriccò, Guillaume Nodet, guofei, Joseph Walton, Louis Mills, Mark Derricutt, Mark McKelvy, Mickael Istria, Nicolas Echegut, Nicolas Radde, Raphael Rösch, Ray Tsang, Robert Thornton, Rohan Padhye, Sergey Chernov, Stefan Oehme, Thibaud Lepretre, zhb.

Code Contributors of this release: Guillaume Nodet, Mickael Istria, Ray Tsang, Stefan Oehme, Joseph Walton, Bo Zhang, AElMehdi, Christian Schulte, Mao Shuai, MartinKanters, Sergey Chernov, Jesse Glick.

Many thanks to all reporters and contributors for their time and support.

(Please send an email to the dev list if we missed anyone).

Overview about the changes

  • This release focuses mostly performance improvements, better memory footprint, and less CPU usage.

  • We are continuing to convert Maven Core to use JSR 330 annotations instead of Plexus (still not finished, see MNG-5577).

  • New support for ‘release’ qualifier (see MNG-6655).

  • The toolchain.xml file supports environment variables (see MNG-6665).

The detailed issue list


[MNG-6680] - Convert Maven Settings Builder to JSR 330
[MNG-6685] - Convert Maven Model Builder to JSR 330
[MNG-6686] - Convert Maven Embedder to JSR 330


[MNG-6375] - NullPointerException when pom.xml has incomplete XML tag
[MNG-6626] - NullPointerException in DefaultExceptionHandler
[MNG-6629] - DefaultModelValidator.validateId is inefficient
[MNG-6630] - ComparableVersion.parseVersion is inefficient
[MNG-6631] - DefaultArtifactVersion.parseVersion is inefficient
[MNG-6632] - ArtifactHandlerManager.getArtifactHandler is inefficient
[MNG-6633] - ExcludesArtifactFilter is a memory hog
[MNG-6636] - NPE on reporting convertion (DefaultReportingConverter) when inheritance of with no reports
[MNG-6639] - Child inherit.append.path attributes not defined in Maven POM XSD
[MNG-6642] - Tycho-based modules do not build with 3.6.1 (works with 3.6.0)
[MNG-6643] - Version comparison CLI does not work anymore
[MNG-6644] - NPE in DefaultReportingConverter when reports has no InputLocation (using polyglot Maven)
[MNG-6647] - NPE in DefaultReportingConverter (when reports injected by Repaint IO maven-tiles)
[MNG-6653] - DefaultProjectBuildingRequest copy constructor does not copy all fields
[MNG-6668] - Model location handling uses too much memory
[MNG-6669] - Tycho cannot resolve project dependencies
[MNG-6700] - Equal compile source roots are added multiple times
[MNG-6703] - DefaultUrlNormalizer doesn't normalize all relative URIs
[MNG-6704] - MavenRepositorySystemUtils.newSession() misses assignment
[MNG-6707] - Maven XML parser does not accept '>' in XML processing instructions
[MNG-6712] - Downgrade maven-resolver:1.4.0 to 1.3.3
[MNG-6713] - Fix ExclusionArtifactFilter to respect wildcard
[MNG-6716] - relative testSourceDirectory on macos throw duplicate class error
[MNG-6720] - MultiThreadedBuilder: wait for parallel running projects when using --fail-fast
[MNG-6723] - MavenProject.getParentFile() not set when using<File>, ...)


[MNG-6069] - Migrate to non deprecated parts of Commons CLI
[MNG-6638] - Prevent reparsing POMs in MavenMetadataSource
[MNG-6655] - Add support for "release" qualifier
[MNG-6665] - toolchain.xml file should support environment variables
[MNG-6667] - Hint at Maven upgrade requirement when trying to build a pom.xml with a newer modelVersion
[MNG-6675] - Make Resolver debug log messages for projects and plugins consistent
[MNG-6695] - Improve speed in collection merging
[MNG-6696] - Speed improvements while parsing big reactor projects
[MNG-6697] - Add a fast interpolator not using reflection
[MNG-6698] - Lazily compute the ManagedVersionMap
[MNG-6701] - Document maven.repo.local system property
[MNG-6702] - Improve DefaultModelValidator performance
[MNG-6705] - Speep up Artifact version check and Parent interpolation
[MNG-6718] - Upgrade Plexus Utils to 3.2.1
[MNG-6729] - StringSearchModelInterpolator introspects objects from Java API
[MNG-6747] - Generalize 'resume from' message when build reactor fails


[MNG-6535] - Improve test coverage of org.apache.maven.model.path.DefaultUrlNormalizer


[MNG-6681] - improve documentation: dependency type = file classifier(optional)+extension + additional hints on dependency features

Dependency upgrade

[MNG-6549] - Remove unused transitive dependencies of Guava
[MNG-6627] - upgrade plexus-component-metadata to 2.0.0 to get reproducible META-INF/plexus/components.xml
[MNG-6646] - Upgrade maven-assembly-plugin to 3.1.1
[MNG-6671] - Upgrade Modello to 1.11
[MNG-6674] - Upgrade Wagon to 3.3.3
[MNG-6738] - Upgrade maven-resolver to 1.4.1

The full list of changes can be found in our issue management system.

Complete Release Notes

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