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JIRA Report

Type Priority Key Summary Resolution
Task Major SUREFIRE-1683 Buildfix: TLS 1.2 passed to maven-invoker-plugin via system property Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1706 Use the checkstyle in tests and set includeTestSourceDirectory=true Fixed
Task Major SUREFIRE-1714 Created module "surefire-shared-utils" as a required dependency in "surefire-extensions-api" and "maven-surefire-common" Fixed
New Feature Major SUREFIRE-1584 Rerun Failing Tests with JUnit 5 Fixed
New Feature Major SUREFIRE-1705 new config parameter Exclude Environment Variables Fixed
New Feature Major SUREFIRE-1711 Support @ParameterizedTest for JUnit 5 test reruns Fixed
New Feature Major SUREFIRE-1717 Enable Process Checkers Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1004 Enhance pattern/wildcard capabilities for dependenciesToScan to GAVT Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1619 FileReporter should not use PintWriter because i/o errors are not thrown Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1635 Set properties readonly where it doesn't make sense to change values Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1666 printSummary=false does not completely suppress the summary on the console Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1668 The stackTrace should use CDATA in XML report. Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1682 Default value for config parameter 'shutdown' should change from 'testset' to 'exit' Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1702 [JDK 11 Alpine Linux] JAR content is not flushed completely down to drive "Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile target/surefire/surefirebooter13749914711390838584.jar" Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1703 [JDK 11 Alpine Linux] Surefire handled random order of pid and /procps does not filter pid on busybox distributions Fixed
Improvement Major SUREFIRE-1704 [JDK 11 Alpine Linux] long etime within hours has format 2h01 on busybox Fixed
Improvement Minor SUREFIRE-1585 Align JUnit Platform version at runtime Fixed
Dependency upgrade Major SUREFIRE-1642 Upgrade plexus-java to Version 1.0.3 Fixed
Dependency upgrade Major SUREFIRE-1646 Upgrade maven-artifact-transfer Version 0.11.0 Fixed
Dependency upgrade Major SUREFIRE-1672 DOXIA updated to version 1.9 Fixed
Bug Blocker SUREFIRE-1712 Running tests with JDK13 fails with Unsupported class file major version 57 Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1222 ForkClient attempts to consume unrelated lines Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1464 Failsafe plugin exposes slf4j-jdk14 dependency Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1534 Surefire 2.21.0 ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.maven.plugin.surefire.StartupReportConfiguration using reuseForks set to false Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1546 JUnit 5 runner does not honor JUnit 5 display names Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1669 POJO tests do not call fixture methods setUp and tearDown and test instances are not new between tests Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1670 wrong "Filtering by Test Class Names" in failsafe "Using JUnit 5 Platform" page Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1675 Forked JVM terminates with 'halt' when another module's tests fail Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1679 Caching of provider classpath with module-specific changes may break test bootstrapping in subsequent modules Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1684 The documentation of Maven Surefire Report Plugin contains wrong number of plugin goals Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1689 The fast PpidChecker is switched to the slow 30 seconds PING after the subprocess (/bin/ps -o etime= -p ...) failed with exit 1 Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1690 Typo fixed: classpathDependencyExclude Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1701 Surefire / Failsafe rerun failed tests functionality fails with JUnit 5 if using @DisplayName Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1707 Forked JVM is killed when GC paused the tests for over 30 seconds Fixed
Bug Major SUREFIRE-1716 JUnit5 Parameterized tests and re-run should see unique test runs with different parameters Fixed
Bug Minor SUREFIRE-1664 "plugin's wiki page" points to non-existing web page Fixed