Releasing A Parent POM

Releasing a Parent POM is much the same as any other Maven project. The following guide walks through most of the steps:

Note that Parent POMs have particular conventions for managing and deploying the documentation.


To be able to publish a documentation for the parent POM without affecting released pom.xml and site.xml, parent POM projects have a specific module, with the documentations docs.

Stage the release

Then the only difference is with commands to stage the site:

In Maven Apache Parent POM:

cd target/checkout
mvn -f docs site
mvn -f docs scm-publish:publish-scm

In Maven Projects Parent POM:

cd target/checkout
mvn -f docs site site:stage
mvn -f docs scm-publish:publish-scm

Call the vote

In the vote, additional to providing links to JIRA, the parent POMs should include a link to the Git changes since the last release:


Changes since the last release:

or for Maven Projects Parent POM:<VERSION-OF-PREVIOUS-RELEASE>...maven-parent-<VERSION-OF-CURRENT-RELEASE>

Staging repo: