End Of Life Apache Maven 2.x

Apache Maven 2.x has reached its end of life and is no longer supported.

Apache Maven 2.x had its last release - version 2.2.1 - in November 2009.

This means:

  • security vulnerability reports will not be checked against the 2.x branch
  • the 2.x download pages will be removed
  • the latest 2.x release will be removed from the mirror system
  • the links to any 2.x specific documentation will be moved to Maven 2.x Archives

List Of Last Plugins Versions Which Support Maven 2.x

This list contains the list of plugins with the last version that supports Maven 2.x, which means if you have to use Maven 2, this list is the reference to the last version of plugins you can use.

NOTE: If you find plugins which are not mentioned or issues please report on the users mailing list.

Plugin (current docs) Type* Version Release Date Description
Core plugins Plugins corresponding to default core phases (ie. clean, compile). They may have multiple goals as well
clean B 2.6.1 2014-10-26 Clean up after the build
compiler B 3.3 2015-03-26 Compiles Java sources
deploy B 2.8.2 2014-08-27 Deploy the built artifact to the remote repository
failsafe B 2.19.1 2016-01-03 Run the JUnit integration tests in an isolated classloader
install B 2.5.2 2014-08-27 Install the built artifact into the local repository
resources B 2.7 2014-09-29 Copy the resources to the output directory for including in the JAR
site B 2.4 2012-04-03 Generate a site for the current project
surefire B 2.19.1 2016-01-03 Run the JUnit unit tests in an isolated classloader
verifier B 1.1 2015-04-14 Useful for integration tests - verifies the existence of certain conditions
Packaging types/tools These plugins relate to packaging respective artifact types
ear B 2.10.1 2015-06-27 Generate an EAR from the current project
ejb B 2.5.1 2015-06-20 Build an EJB (and optional client) from the current project
jar B 2.6 2015-03-09 Build a JAR from the current project
rar B 2.4 2014-09-08 Build a RAR from the current project
war B 2.6 2015-01-08 Build a WAR from the current project
app-client/acr B 1.1 2014-09-02 Build a JavaEE application client from the current project
shade B 1.7.1 2012-06-27 Build an Uber-JAR from the current project, including dependencies
source B 2.4 2014-10-07 Build a source-JAR from the current project
Reporting plugins Plugins which generate reports, are configured as reports in the POM and run under the site generation lifecycle
changelog R 2.3 2014-06-24 Generate a list of recent changes from your SCM
changes B+R 2.11 2014-09-28 Generate a report from an issue tracker or a change document
checkstyle B+R 2.15 2015-03-20 Generate a Checkstyle report
doap B 1.2 2015-03-17 Generate a Description of a Project (DOAP) file from a POM
docck B 1.1 2015-04-03 Documentation checker plugin
javadoc B+R 2.10.3 2015-04-14 Generate Javadoc for the project
jxr R 2.5 2014-11-02 Generate a source cross reference
linkcheck R 1.2 2014-10-08 Generate a Linkcheck report of your project’s documentation
pmd B+R 3.4 2015-02-03 Generate a PMD report
project-info-reports R 2.8 2015-01-05 Generate standard project reports
surefire-report R 2.19.1 2016-01-03 Generate a report based on the results of unit tests
Tools These are miscellaneous tools available through Maven by default
ant B 2.4 2014-12-15 Generate an Ant build file for the project
antrun B 1.8 2014-12-26 Run a set of ant tasks from a phase of the build
archetype B 2.3 2015-03-05 Generate a skeleton project structure from an archetype
assembly B 2.5.4 2015-04-27 Build an assembly (distribution) of sources and/or binaries
dependency B+R 2.10 2015-01-27 Dependency manipulation (copy, unpack) and analysis
enforcer B 1.4.1 2015-08-23 Environmental constraint checking (Maven Version, JDK etc), User Custom Rule Execution
gpg B 1.6 2015-01-19 Create signatures for the artifacts and poms
help B 2.2 2013-02-23 Get information about the working environment for the project
invoker B+R 1.10 2015-04-03 Run a set of Maven projects and verify the output
jarsigner B 1.4 2015-01-21 Signs or verifies project artifacts
patch B 1.2 2015-03-09 Use the gnu patch tool to apply patch files to source code
pdf B 1.3 2015-02-16 Generate a PDF version of your project’s documentation
plugin B+R 3.4 2015-01-04 Create a Maven plugin descriptor for any mojos found in the source tree, to include in the JAR
release B 2.5.2 2015-04-18 Release the current project - updating the POM and tagging in the SCM
remote-resources B 1.5 2013-08-14 Copy remote resources to the output directory for inclusion in the artifact
repository B 2.4 2015-02-22 Plugin to help with repository-based tasks
scm B 1.9.4 2015-04-01 Execute SCM commands for the current project
scm-publish B 1.0-beta-2 2012-11-01 Publish your Maven website to a scm location
stage B 1.0 2015-03-03 Assists with release staging and promotion
toolchains B 1.1 2014-11-11 Allows to share configuration across plugins
IDEs Plugins that simplify integration with integrated developer environments
eclipse B 2.10 2015-05-28 Generate an Eclipse project file for the current project

* Build or Reporting plugin